Academic Advising Services (including Program/Course Advising and Examination Coordination)

  Copyright: Janny Franken-VOgts

Changed Consultation Hours

Unfortunately, Ms. Engels-Halfmann will not be available for consultation on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 (10-12 hours). Any relevant documents can be handed in to Ms. Otten.

On October 21 and October 23, Ms. Franken-Vogts will not be available for consultation:

On October 21, nobody will be standing in for Ms. Franken-Vogts;

On October 23, Ms. Engels-Halfmann will be standing in for Ms. Franken-Vogts.

Thank you for your understanding.




We are there to help and support you with ...

  • Academic Advice Provision:
    • Information about our degree programs of study
    • Study planning and management
    • Recognition of academic qualifications (from other degree programs or from abroad)
    • Examination Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities
  • Examination Coordination
  • Mentoring
  • Applications for Master degree programs (Master of Business and Economics, Master of Management, Business and Economics)

Information on the Various Procedures

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