Procedure for and Consequences of Examination De-Registration


i. Deregistration prior to an examination:

a. Deregistration during the orientation phase

Deregistering from an examination within the allowed period (as a rule, in November for the winter semester and in May for the summer smester) is equivalent to deregistering from the whole module, i.e. in the same semster, no automatic re-registration will take place for the second examination date. Deregistering during the orientation phase is only possible once per module. If it is a core elective module (Wahlpflichtmodul), there is no need to re-register for it in the following semesters.

b. Withdrawing from an examination without having to provide reasons

A student may withdraw from an examination without providing reasons for doing so once per module (in the B.Sc. in Business Administration = once per examination). Withdrawal may take place no later than 7 days prior to the date of the examination. Withdrawal will automatically result in a student being re-registered for the earliest possible examination date.

Potential consequences of withdrawal for you:

  • You will be automatically re-registered for the earliest possible examination date.
  • You can only withdraw once per module, i.e. another withdrawal for that module is not possible.
  • Deferring an examination to the next semester may result in
  • the program of study taking longer to complete,
  • admission to the modules in the elective business adminstration and economics areas and to the seminar not being granted, because at least 69 credit points are required (only for the B.Sc. in Business Adminstration)
  • BAföG grant being endangered on account of a lack of credit points
  • transferal to the Master's program being delayed (only for Bachelor programs of study).
  • there being no guarantee that no timetable clashes will occur if examinations are not taken in the semester for which they are actually scheduled per curriculum.

c. Withdrawing from an examination on health grounds and other grounds

1. Withdrawal on health grounds:

If a student has to withdraw from an examination on health grounds, she or he must immediately provide a sick certificate. The certificate must include the following information:

  • the expected duration of the sickness
  • the date on which the doctor saw the student (date, possibly time)
  • date, official stamp, and signature of the doctor

A simple "sick note" - such as acceptable in a school environment ("X is not able to attend classes today") is not acceptable.

A sick certificate is valid for the whole day or for the whole duration of the sickness. If a student is scheduled to take two examinations on the same day, then the corresponding sick certificate must include the time as well as the date.

The Central Examination Office (ZPA) must immediately be informed of the reasons for a withdrawal from an examination. The sick certificate must be submitted immeidately, when possible on the day of the examination.

2. Withdrawal from an examination on other grounds:

Withdrawal from an examination after the corresponding deadlines for withdrawal have expired can only be granted in cases with convincing grounds for withdrawal by the Examination Board. An application for withdrawal should be submitted as soon as possible and be accompanied by the relevant documentary evidence.

ii. Deregistration after an examination has commenced

If an examination has already begun and the student has to withdraw from it on health grounds, the student must immediately consult a medical doctor. The duly issued sick certificate must show the date, the time, and the findings of the medical consultation. The medical certificate and an application for deregistration from the examination must be immediately submitted to the Examination Board, who will assess the application.