Registration Procedures for Lectures etc. and Examinations

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General Information on registration procedures at the School of Business and Economics

Registration for e.g. lectures, tutorials, etc., and examinations usually takes place via a modular registration procedure in Campus Office.

Here are step-by-step directions for modular registration procedures.

Registering for Lectures etc.

Very often, a modular registration procedure is accessible several weeks prior to the onset of a semester. The registration deadline is usually during the first few weeks of a semester. In the case of courses with limited places or courses with a special didactical form (e.g. project courses, simulation games), deadlines might be shorter.

Please make sure to always check the latest information under Deadlines

Registering for Examinations

Depending on the program of study or the module involved, registration for examinations takes place via a modular registration procedure or via the Central Examination Office ((V) ZPA).

The registration period for registration via a modular registration procedure is usually at the end of April/beginning of May for the summer semester and at the end of October/beginning of November for the winter semester.

Registration via the Central Examination Office ((V) ZPA) is usually at the beginning of June and the beginning of December.

For some individual courses, deviations from the regular deadlines are possible. Information can also be found under "Deadlines". You will also find the special deadlines for examination registration under Deadlines

At the onset of every semester, we provide an examination hand out for all the School's programs of study: Prüfungshandout.

It contains information on the following issues:

  • When do I have to register?
  • Where do I have to register? Via a modular registration procedure or via the Central Examination Office ((V) ZPA)?
  • What consequences does a de-registration in the orientation phase have?
  • Can I register separately for the 2nd examination date?

Please also consult the information about examination registration provided on the website of the Central Examination Office ZPA

Synchronization of the Examination Procedures

In collaboration with the schools and faculties, the CAMPUS team and the Central Examination Office (ZPA), an interim solution is being implemented: the work package "Synchronization of Registration Lists". The test phase commences in the summer semester 2012.

What impact will synchronization have for students?

For information on the synchronization of examination registration procedures, visit here.



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Examination Coordinator


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