Step 2: Registering for examination


Please consult the semester-specific handout "Handout zur Anmeldung von Prüfungen" for details of the procedures and deadlines for registration for the respective programs of study.

Application for examination accommodations and modifications for students with physical disabilitites: Should a student not be able to complete an examination its scheduled form or timeframe, it is possible for the student to apply - with the necessary medical certification - to the Examination Board for examination accommodations and modifications. For reasons of organization, this needs to be done by the beginning of the semester.

Persons to contact:

  • for organizational problems (modular registration procedure): Examination Coordinator Dr. Silvertant
  • for technical problems (Virtual Central Examination Office - Virtuelles ZPA): Responsible person in the Central Examination Office
  • for rules and regulations (admission to an examination, missed registration deadline, etc.): Academic Advisor



Sandra Silvertant

Koordinatorin Prüfungsmanagement


+49 241 80 93960





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