Mandatory Internship


The School of Business and Economics is committed to providing students with a first-class tertiary education. The mandatory internship is an integral part of that commitment. Consonant with this commitment, the School stipulates specific requirements that have to be fulfilled if an internship is to gain recognition. These are:

1. An Authorized Training Firm

Our students should not only acquire excellent theoretical knowledge during their studies; first practical experiences are also highly relevant. In order to ensure quality assurance, we expect firms in which our students undertake their internships to be authorized to train people by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) or the German Chamber of Tax Consultants (Steuerberaterkammer).

2. Business Administrative Relevance

An internship should, naturally, be relevant for the student's field of study. We regard deeper insights into a firm's structures, processes, procedures, and considerations to be essential if a student is to successfully apply the knowledge acquired at university in her or his later professional life. We offer our students a broad range of departments/sectors from which to choose, so that every student's interests can be catered for:

  • Management accounting
  • Buying and procuring
  • Marketing
  • Materials management and logistics
  • Human resources
  • Production planning and control (business administration-oriented!)
  • Accounting and finance (including taxation)
  • Auditing
  • Selling

The sectors "Project management" or "Consulting" are also relevant as long as the work involved is of a business administrative nature. Project management of technical projects would not be acceptable..

3. Appropriate Duration of an Internship

If students are to gain an appropriate insight into each different department, sufficient time is needed. For this reason, we require our students to be available to the various departments of a firm over a course of several weeks. The different Examination Regulations ("Prüfungsordnung") have their own specific requirements regarding the minimum length of time that a student has to spend in each department/sector. The minimum duration of the business administration component of the internship is, depending on the program of study, 8-12 weeks.