Voluntary Internship Abroad


Internships abroad are becoming increasingly popular among our students. The role of such internships for job application processes in large companies is gaining importance, because internships of this kind demonstrate a graduate's increased engagement, adaptability, and flexibility. In order to provide potential employees with a straightforward, transparent summary of any voluntary internships that you have undertaken abroad, you can have these included in your degree transcript as of the academic year 2014/2014, if you wish.

For more details about internships abroad, please go to Auslandspraktikum.



In order to have your voluntary internship recognized, you have to submit an application to the School's Internship Office. One prerequisite is that the internship was of at least 2 months' duration and the internship involved must have been a voluntary one.

Documents to be submitted:

  1. Application for recognition (School of Business and Economics)
    Please submit all required documents together with our recognition form.
  2. Internship certificate (original and copy)
    Please submit original documentation. We need a copy for our files. When you submit your documents, you can take the original away with you again when we have seen it. It is important for the recognition procedure that your documentation includes the following points:
    • The length of time spent in individual departments/ on different tasks
    • The number of days on which you were absent from the internship (Holiday, illness, etc.).
  3. Internships abroad - certificates
    You will find the corresponding form at the bottom of the page. Please fill the form out and submit it with the necessary documents.

If the firm that you worked for does not provide internship certificates, please ensure that they fill out the "Traineeship Certificate" form, which you can then submit to the School's Internship Office.

Once we have received complete documentation from you, we will check it thoroughly and duly provide you with a certificate that you can submit to the Central Examination Office ZPA for registration.