Mentoring in the School of Business and Economics



How is the mentoring program structured?

The School's mentoring team is there to provide help and support for all of its students in all aspects of study organization, management, and planning during the whole duration of a student's studies.

The School intends to expand its current introductory program for new students in order to facilitate their start at RWTH Aachen University. Apart from the "tried and tested" introductory week for new Bachelor of Science in Business Adminstration students - during which tutorial groups are formed and students are allocated to a "Vertrauensprofessor", from whom they can seek help and advice if necessary - further informational sessions are planned during the semester to provide additional support at this particulary important stage of a student's studies.

In order to identify and deal with any difficulties as early as possible during a student's studies, all of those students who - by the end of the first, third, and fifth semesters, respectively, have failed to acheive more than two thirds of the credit points allocated to a particular curriculum - and those students who are taking longer than the standard time allocated to their program of study are invited to a personal and confidential talk with a mentor. During this talk, mentor and student identify and reflect on the reasons for the student's current study situation and identify any challenges, elaborating individual solutions and planning future studies and goals. Where necessary, the mentor will suggest further points of contact for support, or relative measures.

The top 10% of students of any one year are also invited to a mentoring talk in order to reflect with the mentor on their individual strengths and interests and to elaborate individual strategies for planning future studies and setting career goals. The mentor will provide details of relevant scholarships, projects, or internships.

At certain intervals, informational sessions are held for all students on topics such as Master's degree programs, scholarships, or studying abroad.

Apart from the above mentioned categories of students, all of the School's students are cordially invited to make use of our mentoring services.

What are the aims of the mentoring program?

Our principal aim is to provide a comprehensive support system for early identification of individual student potentials, wishes, and needs, as well as any problems or challenges that students might encounter, and so helping our  students to develop their strengths and competencies in a way that is best suited to them. The mentoring program thus enhances student satisfaction and helps each individual student to succesfully complete his or her studies.

Who can make use of the mentoring program?

The program is intended for all students studying with the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University. However, the main focus of the program is on both especially talented students and those students who require additional help and support  with their studies. Students who have just commenced their studies or those who are nearing the end of their program of study have a more intensive need for information and support owing to the new environment or to uncertainties relating to further studies or careers.

What is a talk with a mentor like?

The talk will be a personal and confidential one with the relevant mentor. Working together with you, the mentor wil define your individual study situation, ascertain your goals, devise ways of improving your study situation, and identify your strengths and weak points. The mentor will also possibly point you in the direction of further relevant points of contact for advice and support - both within and outside the University.

Each mentoring talk is different and individually tailored to a student's specific study situation and questions. Usually, a student's study performance will be reflected on, and the mentor will discuss with the student reasons which have led to  a possible falling behind with the curriculum, or problems and challenges relating to a study program. Also, personal strengths and competencies will be addressed. On this basis, mentor and student elaborate potential solutions and develop a plan of action for the next semester. Finally, mentor and student decide which supportive measures both inside and outside the University might be suitable for developing or supporting a student's strengths.

Usually, a mentoring talk will last between 15 and 30 minutes. If necessary, a further appointment can be arranged.

What can I expect from a mentoring talk, and what sort of questions can be addressed?

A mentoring talk offers you a lot of personal benefits, such as

  • causing you to reflect on your current study situation,
  • allowing you to discuss matters with an experienced person with detailed knowledge of your study program and of the University,
  • providing you with  correct information about your studies and the relevant methods for tackling them successfully,
  • giving you helpful advice on how to manage and plan your studies,
  • giving you Information about further helpful facilities and measures,
  • helping you to plan ahead academically,
  • answering any questions you may have about examinations, etc.
  • pointing you in the right direction for other points of contact both inside and outside RWTH Aachen University,
  • giving you helpful tips about study techniques, personal organization, study scheduling, study financing, etc.
  • supporting you on the way to acheiving your personal study goals,
  • encouraging you to talk about any problems you have encountered during your studies, such as problems with the way a program is strucutured and organized, or even intentions of dropping out of your program of study.

How can I prepare for a mentoring talk?

It is beneficial if you are clear in your own mind about your current study situation and any issues you need help with before you actually come for a mentoring talk. In this way, the mentor can better address the key issues during the time available. We do, then, recommend that students ask themselves prior to the appointment  "What would I like to discuss with the mentor?" and "What kind of information and support do I expect to receive from the mentor?"

Is a mentoring talk obligatory?

It is, of course, completely up to a student whether he or she takes part in a mentoring talk, but we urgently recommend that students do  make use of this very helpful facility. In the case of students who have gained less than 2/3 of the standard credit points, a mentoring talk is urgently recommended by the University - as stipulated in the Regulations for Examinations.

Who will my mentor be?

The current mentor is  Ms. Völker .

How do I get an appointment?

In order to arrange a mentoring talk appointment, please use this link.

If you have any questions write an e-mail to .