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Welcome to Aachen!

In any exchange program, it is vital that the students involved have access to relevant and up-to-date information about the university, the city it is located in, and any student issues. We would like to assist you in finding any information you require, so that your stay at RWTH Aachen will be a success and a positively unforgettable experience.

We are aware of how annoying it can be for an incoming exchange student to start off on the wrong foot with either a lack of information or even incorrect information. That’s why we have created a "frequently asked questions" helpdesk where we present those queries which seem common to most of our exchange students. Here, students will either directly find detailed information to their queries, or they will be pointed in the right direction as to where they can then find the necessary information.

Apart from this information service, we also offer other services. In the download area, you will find, for instance, our Study Guide, which is full of useful information.