Studying Abroad


If you want to study abroad for one or two semesters, you can for instance study with a partner university of RWTH Aachen University and the School of Business and Economics. The School maintains a wide range of partnerships with academic institutions within Europe and outside of Europe, enabling its students to enhance their social and intercultural skills.
A period of study abroad is an excellent complement to a program of study at RWTH Aachen University, because

  • courses taken at a university abroad may have a different content-focus and offer different perspectives, so students become aware of other methodic and didactic approaches, broadening their horizons further;
  • conducting intensive discussions on theoretical and real-life issues is an excellent way for students to get immersed in a foreign language and to quickly develop their skills;
  • living and studying with international students enables students from Aachen to gain valuable insight into the academic and public life of another country., Of particular relevance to a student's later professional life are the intercultural openness and tolerance, and intercultural communication skills acquired from studying or working abroad.

If you are interested in studying within Europe, then please contact Ms. Schneiders. If you are interested in studying outside of Europe, then please contact Ms. Spatafora.


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