The accreditation of credit points is undertaken by the respective Examination Board

If you have been allocated a place in the Erasmus program, you must - prior to leaving Germany - follow a certain procedure to ensure that your credit points will be accredited later. Please check out the web pages of the Academic Advising Services. You will also find a list of courses that have already been recognized.


*** Erasmus Erfahrungsbericht ***

Business administration students studying in accordance with Regulations for Examinations BPO 2010 can acquire 6 credit points additionally for a period of study abroad. The points are awarded automatically when students submit, subsequent to their period of study abroad, a mail with an attached "experience report" documenting your stay abroad (as a pdf file!). The report must be at least 4 pages long (4 pages of text only + extra photos). This report has nothing to do with the short report that you need to upload with the International Office! Only when students have submitted both reports will the 6 credit points be awarded.

The report must address all of the following topics:

  • Preparation of the stay abroad
  • Arrival
  • Course choice and feedback on teaching conditions at the partner university
  • Recognition of courses and credit point allocation
  • Partner university
  • Recommendations for future students
  • Photos are welcome

Alle anderen Studierenden, die über das Exchange Office einen Platz an einer Universität erhalten haben, senden uns bitte den Erfahrungsbericht zu, den Sie an das International Office geschickt haben.


*** Auslandsanerkennung ***