Finding Accommodation

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Finding Accomodation

Who can help me to find somewhere to live?

  • The earlier you make your mind up about coming to Aachen, the easier it will be for you to find somewhere to live. Please contact the following email address as early as possible if you are interested in getting a room in a student hall of residence: You can apply directly by sending the following document to the Studentenwerk Aachen
    You can find a lot of vacancies for flats or rooms at or
  • You can also register for the ERASMUS mailinglist of AEGEE and wait or ask for taking over a flat. A lot of Germans leaving RWTH Aachen for their studies abroad and international students leaving Aachen are looking for  a next tenant.

How can I find a room or a flat in Aachen?

It is a good idea to contact your home university or the International Office  at RWTH Aachen University to see if they can arrange for you to move into a student hall of residence. These rooms are usually inexpensive, ready furnished and with Internet and telephone. You can get more information, too, through the Studentenwerk Aachen.

If you haven’t found a flat/room in Aachen, have not been able to get into a student hall of residence or you are not satisfied with where you are presently living, there are various ways to find somewhere to live. In most RWTH Aachen University buildings, there are notice boards where you can find all sorts of vacancies. A lot of students use these notice boards to find a new tenant for their room or flat.  There are a lot of opportunities to find somewhere to live online:, under the Wohnungsmarkt link at