Leisure Activities

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Leisure Activities

In my registration fee, the semester ticket is included. What advantages does it offer me?

  • The semester ticket enables you to travel free of charge on all public transport (Bus, Train, Underground, Tram)  operating within the NRW Region. You can  use it on all RE/RB/S Deutsche Bahn trains, but not for high speed trains such as ICE/ IC/ EC/ Thalys.
  • From April 2012 you are allowed to take one person with you free of charge from  Monday through Friday from 19:00 hours onwards and all day on weekends and public holidays in the AVV area! ( AVV area --> www.asta.rwth-aachen.de/images/storie...).
  • For detailed information on connections, visit http://www.aseag.de/ and Deutsche Bahn.

What can I do in my spare time in Aachen?

Well done! Choosing to study in Aachen was a brilliant idea! There are more pubs here per person than anywhere else in Germany. In the town centre, you are not likely to come across a street that doesn’t house at least three pubs. Most of them are around the cathedral and Rathaus and on the "student mile" around the Pontstraße. Particularly in summer – should the weather be willing – this district has an almost Mediterranean feeling about it. At most places, you can sit outside to eat and drink – if you can find a free table! If the weather is good, most of the students and the rest of Aachen are out in the beer gardens!

The Filmstudio (Kármánstraße 7) and the ASTA cinemas regularly show films for students, at much cheaper rates than the normal cinemas. The Filmstudio shows films on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the main hall of the RWTH Aachen University main building (Templergraben 55). ASTA shows films on Monday evenings in the Kármán-Auditorium (Templergraben, opposite the university main building) or in the Audimax lecture theatre at the corner of Wüllnerstraße/Turmstraße. You will see posters with films and their dates all over the university. One cult film is ’Die Feuerzangenbowle’ starring Heinz Rühmann. It is shown every year in November in all the big lecture halls of the university (make sure you get tickets early enough!). You can watch all the latest Hollywood films in the cinemas within the Cinekarree complex. You can find the programme in the regional daily and weekly newspapers, at the cinemas themselves or on the Internet. In the private cinemas Apollo (Pontstraße) and Capitol (Seilgraben), you can watch films that were not only made for reasons of profit and which wouldn’t stand a chance of being shown by the big cinema chains because of the commercial competition from the USA. Particularly recommendable are the European productions – some of which are insider’s tips. A lot of these films are shown in the original language (designated as OF) or with sub-titles (designated as OmU). Otherwise, all the films in German cinemas and on TV are dubbed (unfortunately).

Aachen night life takes place mainly in the pubs. In the old town there are only a few small discos.

Visit http://www.campuslife.de/ to find out all about the latest parties and happenings in Aachen. It’s the ideal party planner!

INCAS stands for INtercultural Centre of Aachen Students. It is a student  organization which is financially and logistically supported by the International Office of RWTH Aachen University and the University of Applied Sciences ( FH Aachen). INCAS serves international students studying at the universities in Aachen, students undertaking an internship in Aachen, and students doing a German course in Aachen.

The INCAS team consists of International and German students. Their objective is to develop a cultural bridge between many students from various countries by boosting the integration and intercultural communication among them. They support international students, helping to make  their stay as pleasant as possible in Aachen by providing information and help.

For more information:  http://www.incas.rwth-aachen.de/index.php/home

Where can I get involved in sporting activities?

Hochschulsportzentrum (university sports centre)
For tennis, badminton and squash you can often get student rates, and the numerous parks and the forests around Aachen are great for jogging in. However, the top address for all kinds of sport is the Hochschulsportzentrum which is on the Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße in the Königshügel district. The telephone no. is 80-2 21 25. It offers students a very wide variety of courses, such as badminton, fitness gymnastics, apparatus gymnastics, swimming, etc.  Most sports courses are free-of-charge for students – only a few more expensive types of sport courses have to be registered for or charged for. But they are still cheaper than visiting a commercial fitness studio! You can check all the sports activities through this link: http://hochschulsport.rwth-aachen.de/sportarten/aktueller_zeitraum/index.html

Swimming baths
If, between May and September, you feel like swimming outdoors or simply sunbathing, there are open air swimming baths in Aachen: Hangeweiher. You can get in at a reduced rate with a student I.D. card. In hot weather, you will meet plenty of students there, even if there are lectures going on! If you have a whole day at your disposal, try the fun pool Mosaqua in Gulpen in the Netherlands (open all year round). You can travel there on the Interliner bus (see "Travelling in the "three-country-triangle""). In the autumn, the winter and the spring, you can try out the indoor swimming baths. Apart from the Osthalle, Westhalle and Südhalle baths, there are also the Elisabethhalle baths (on the Elisabethstraße). They were completely renovated recently and are worth visiting! If you want to do a bit more for your health, try one of the thermal spas and enjoy the warm mineral springs.

Ice sports
In Aachen, we have an ice sports centre Tivoli on the Krefelder Straße. You can borrow skates there. If you like ice speed-skating, try the rink at Geleen in the Netherlands. They have a 440 metre-long outdoor lane. The entrance ticket is also valid for the swimming pool.