Student Exchange Program with China


Student exchange: Beijing

The student exchange between RWTH Aachen and Tsinghua University has a long-standing tradition. It is an integral part of the course International Entrepreneurship – Beijing. International entrepreneurship and the challenges that arise from working in a multinational context are at the center of the exchange visit, and the course itself focuses on the dialog between China and Germany.

When does the course take place?

The German students will visit Beijing during the "excursion week" in the summer semester 2020 (May 30 - June 15, 2020). The Chinese students will visit Aachen From September 26 - October 3, 2020. Both visits entail 7-8 days on site. Since the informal contact and communication between the Chinese and the German students is of similar importance to that of the formal learning outcomes, all students are expected to participate in both visits. The exam - in the form of a presentation - will usually take place about two weeks following the end of the visit by the Chinese students.

Who may apply?

The course targets Master students in BWL, Wirt.-Ing. and Wiwi. Bachelor students may also take part in anticipation of the Master's program. Students from other programs are also welcome to apply. However, the respective Examination Board must be consulted for information on whether the course can be formally acknowledged. Applications take the form of a short letter of motivation, an up-to-date resume and a transcript of grades and should be submitted to . The deadline for applications is January 31, 2020.

Other important information

  • Students from Germany have to pay for the flight and individual expenses themselves. Therefore, students should expect expenses of 500 – 800€ for the exchange visit. Hotels, transportation, and most meals will be paid for. In cases of hardship, it may be possible to receive a subsidy from RWTH University.
  • Students may apply by sending a short motivation letter, their CV and their transcript of records to .


The event offers an insight into international entrepreneurship theory. Internationalization strategies of start-ups will be examined theoretically as well as practically through case studies and exercises. A special focus will be placed on China and the formal and intercultural challenges that go along with it, supported by close contact with Chinese students. The event will take place within the framework of an eight-day exchange with the Tsinghua University Beijing in Aachen.

Learning goals

Master students not only deepen their basic understanding of entrepreneurial thinking and acting, but also get to know the intercultural differences in the field of entrepreneurship. You will gain basic knowledge about internationalization strategies of start-ups with a specific focus on expansion into China.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Malte Brettel