Study Organization (Examination Regulations/Module Catalogue/Module Handbook/Standard Curriculum)


Examination Regulations/Module Catalogue

The currently applicable Examination Regulations are available below in the download section.

At the moment, two further amendments are awaiting approval. As soon as approval has been granted, they will be published on the School's website. For the time being, information regarding the modified module catalogue can be accessed here: elektronischen Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

As soon as the latest module handbook and module catalogue are available following their amendments, they will be accessible here.


*** Neue Prüfungsordnung ab Wintersemester 2021/22 in Kraft ***


Standard Curriculum

The standard curriculum - incorporating the mandatory section, the general core elective section, and the specializations - is available in the download area below. Please note that the curriculum is subject to the approval of two amendments that have been made.

Please also note that the allocation of the modules might change, so that you must consult the latest module catalogue before you make any final choice.


*** Erweiterung Modulangebot ***