How the Program is Structured


The School of Business and Economics

What is taught and how it is taught is – in many ways - unique to the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University, and reflects the School's dedication to its goals. The School is fast developing into a leading center of education and research both within Germany and internationally: A solid scientific foundation, consistent quality management for teaching, a strong professional orientation, a wide array of courses, tailored Elearning products and services  – all of these benefits and several more go hand in hand with an international approach and intensive collaboration with other universities in Germany and abroad. For more information on the School of Business and Economics, see  here.


Research Areas

The profile of the School of Business and Economics is characterized by interdisciplinary research that incorporates ideas from the field of business and economics together with those from the natural and engineering sciences. The School has established four Research Areas which the different specializations of the Master's program are oriented towards and which you can get more detailed information on  here.


Why Take Our Master's Degree in Business Administration?

Are you aiming for an international business career? Or an academic career? To be successful in either, you need the best possible university education, and our interdisciplinary, professional oriented Master's degree program is geared to give you precisely that. Come and study with us in the vibrant German city of Aachen, only a stone's throw away from Belgium and the Netherlands!

Our Master of Science in Business Administration degree program is dedicated to the optimization of supply chain processes, focusing on the growing internationality of such processes and on the increasing significance of cutting edge information technologies. Thanks to its innovative structure, our Master's degree program will give you a solid and broad foundation in all aspects of Business Administration, whilst enabling you to select the specialization which best fits your interests and needs.

With all the benefits that only a compact-sized school can offer to its students, the School of Business and Economics is an integral part of one of the world's leading universities of technology: RWTH Aachen University. Whereas you can expect us to provide an excellent environment for you to learn and develop in, we expect you to have an international, outward-looking attitude and to be receptive towards a "science and technology" approach to your Business Administration studies.


How Our Master's Degree Program Is Structured

Please refer to the section "Information for Current Students" for information about the specializations, the examination regulations, and the curriculum.




Starting the Program in the Summer Semester

Students beginning the Master program in the summer semester should observe the following:

The mandatory modules ("Pflichtmodule") are usually offered in the winter semester. Thus, students beginning the program in the summer semester may only take the core elective modules ("Wahlpflichtmodule"), whereby it is recommended to select modules from the general core elective section ("Allgemeiner Wahlpflichtbereich") (i.e. without a restricted number of participants). A further reason for this recommendation is that registration for modules in the specialized core elective section (Spezieller Wahlpflichtbereich") with a restricted number of participants is implemented BEFORE the semester begins.