Information for Applicants (Re-Enrollments/Transferrals from Other Programs of Study/Dual Degrees


Information for Applicants (re-enrollments/transferrals from other programs of study/dual degree)

Applications for the program of study "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration" must be submitted to the Registrar's Office (Sudierendensekretariat) or the International Office (depending on your university entrance qualification). If you are transferring from another program of study or another university, you must have applied to the School's Examination Board by enrollment at the latest to have any previous examination achievements accredited. This is termed "Unbedenklichkeitserklärung" in German. It means that you will have submitted to the Examination Board all documents relevant to previous examinations which might be counted towards the B.Sc. in Business Administration. If these are deemed to have equivalence, they will be accredited in a positive or a negative sense. Examination achievements of this kind may have been gained from other universities or from other programs of study at RWTH Aachen University. On this basis, we assess the possibility of entrance to the program of study and to the examinations and potentially to a higher semester (in the summer semester only the 2nd or 4th semester and in the winter semester only the 3rd or 5th)- We can only grant entrance to higher semesters if the corresponding level of achievement has been gained through relevant courses. After enrollment has taken place, we then assess the exact amount of accreditation. The process can take several weeks because not only formal equivalence of previous achievements has to be checked but also the equivalence of subject matter (this is particularly the case where applicants are transferring from other universities).