Structure of the Program


Structure of the Program

The standard duration of this Bachelor program of study is six semesters. This time period includes the writing of the thesis. As a rule, 180 ECTS credit points are awarded for all the courses, which are spread over a total of 100 semester hours. On average, then, 30 ECTS credit points are assigned to each semester. This figure can vary slightly for individual semesters.

The Bachelor's program consists of a mandatory core section, a mandatory electives section, an internship or a period of study abroad, and a written thesis.

The mandatory core section encompasses general business administration, general economics, business accounting, private law, mathematics, and statistics.

The mandatory electives section includes courses in specialized business administration and economics, which students can select from, according to their own goals and interests. In this area of the program, additional courses may be recognized which were taken during a period of study abroad.

The soft skills which students acquire include linguistic competence, intercultural management skills, presentation skills, and several others.

Students must also attend a seminar in the "career field" (Berufsfeld) that they choose.

Before a student is assigned a topic for his or her thesis, he or she must have completed a period of study abroad that is relevant to the field of business and economics or must have completed an internship of at least 12 weeks' duration. During the period of study abroad, courses and examinations in the field of business and economics must have been taken.