You can choose from six intensive courses on quantitative and qualitative research methods with an attractive course format: 5 consecutive days comprising 6 hours of classroom interaction per day, for a total of 30 hours. Upon successful completion of each course, you will earn 5 ECTS credits, which master students can have counted towards their degree program.

All courses will be highly interactive and will comprise classroom discussions, student presentations, and in some cases also computer lab sessions. The courses have been selected and designed to help you acquire hands-on research skills in topics such as qualitative research, grounded theory, academic publishing, advanced econometrics, data mining, and scale development. These skills will prove most helpful for designing and conducting empirical research projects for instance as part of your master thesis, PhD research or later professional life.

Kurs Inhalt Termin Kursleiter
Documenting Research and Writing for Academic Journals Qualitative 26.08. – 30.08.2019 Prof. Robert Böhm (Uni Kopenhagen)
Introduction to Measurement Theory and SEM Quantitativ 24.08. – 28.08.2020 Prof. Dr. Petra Riefler (BOKU Wien)
Design Thinking Qualitative 31.08. – 04.09.2020 Dr. Susanne Wosch (RWTH)
Introduction to Lab & VR Experiments Quantitative 14.09.-18.09.2020 Prof. Dr. Özgür Gürerk (Uni Erfurt)
Introduction to Social Network Analysis using Advanced Data Mining Quantitative 14.09. – 18.09.2020 Prof. Richard Weber (Universidad de Chile)
Applied Advanced Econometrics Quantitative 21.09. – 25.09.2020 Prof. Dr. Almut Balleer (RWTH)