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Datum Name Promovend Titlel der Promotion
18.03.2019 Morava, Nuri Tahsin

Antecedents, Drivers, and Implications of Corporate Proactive Environmental Strategy - An Empirical Investigation

06.03.2019 Gebhard, Philipp

Toward a Better Understanding of Entrepreneurial Exit Success - Fundaments and the Impact of External Stakeholder Relationships

01.02.2019 Sprinkmeyer, Christian The Top Management Team as a Source of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Large Firms
25.01.2019 Erken, Marcus Lothar Dieter

Happy Entrepreneurs: Empirical Evidence on the Beneficial Outcomes of Dispositional Positive Affect

24.01.2019 Benade, Morgane Sophie Essays on Smart Customization: Towards a Better Understanding of the Customer's Perspective on Smart Customization Offers
14.01.2019 Picot, Moritz Alexander

Innovation-Performance Dependencies in the Supply Chain: A Perspective on Innovation, Financial Performance, and Supply-Chain Efficiency