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Datum Name Promovend Titlel der Promotion
29.03.2022 Wolff, Stefanie Regina Stated Preferences Concerning Private Passenger and Light-Duty Electric Vehicles in Germany
24.03.2022 Schiffer, Sarah, geb. Hagemann Social Media Motivation: Eine Analyse von Motivation und Verhalten anhand ausgewählter Social Media Plattformen
15.03.2022 Hackbarth, André Claude Private Households’ Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles in Germany – An Empirically Founded Analysis of Adoption Decisions, Willingness-to-Pay, and Policy Scenarios
03.03.2022 Stäbe, Lars Effectual Orientation of SME’s – How to Succeed Internationally
14.02.2022 Grau, Caroline Valentina Digital Entrepreneurship in the Blockchain Ecosystem: A Quantitative Investigation of Crowd Engagement, Individual Support and Venture Outcomes
11.02.2022 Rubin, Maike Workplace characteristics and employees’ well-being - Empirical analyses on job satisfaction, unhealthy lifestyles, and sickness absence
13.01.2022 Scheiper, Barbara Strategic planning of charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles considering interactions with the energy sector
06.01.2022 Lukner, Stephanie Understanding Antecedents and Outcomes of Private Label Brand Choice – An Empirical Analysis in a Multichannel Context
03.01.2022 Dirks, Nicolas Bernd Frank On the Transformation of Public Mobility Services toward more Sustainability