Doctoral Defenses


Dates for Doctoral Defenses

Date Name Location Time Title of Doctoral Thesis
Thu., June 23, 2022 Mr. Thomas Savelsberg via Zoom Video Conference 13:00 hours Der Verbandsstrafenregress im Sportrecht – citius, altius, fortius
Wed., June 15, 2022 Mr. Robert Peters via Video Conference 13:00 hours Reziprozität von Struktur-Akteurs-Beziehungen und ihr Einfluss auf die Transformation einer Branche - 
Eine longitudinale Analyse der Aachener Nadelindustrie in drei Beiträgen
Fri., June 10, 2022 Ms. Patricia Heuser hybrid event (via Zoom Video Conference and room WiÜ (517, Templergraben 64)) 16:30 hours Employee Skill Development in Manufacturing: Consequences of Learning and Forgetting on Production Planning and Task Scheduling
Mon., May 23, 2022 Mr. Valentin Sommer via Zoom Video Conference 16:15 hours Design and evaluation of recycling and recovery infrastructures for glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics - An application in the wind energy industry