Mündliche Prüfung


Termine der mündlichen Prüfungen

Datum Name Ort Uhrzeit Titel Dissertation
Mo, 21.03.2022 Frau Elisa Kaupel Zoom-Videokonferenz 9:30 Uhr The C-Level’s Entrepreneurial Decision-Making: An Empirical Investigation of the Influence of CEOs and CFOs on Corporates’ Effectual Orientation
Mo, 14.03.2022 Herr Alexander Jagdhuber Zoom-Videokonferenz 13:00 Uhr Antecedents and Outcomes of Consumer Behavior in Disjunct Customer-Consumer Purchase Constellations
Mo, 14.03.2022 Herr Anian Gehring Zoom-Videokonferenz 10:00 Uhr Understanding Entrepreneurial Team Decision-Making: The Antecedents, Mechanisms, and Outcomes of New Venture Team Illusion of Control
Mi, 02.03.2022 Herr Julian Christoph Woköck Zoom-Videokonferenz 11:00 Uhr More than Money: A Differentiated Perspective on Venture Investors’ Value-Added
Mi, 16.02.2022 Herr Niklas Julian Arthur Hunsdiek Zoom-Videokonferenz 10:00 Uhr External Corporate Venturing and how the Top Management Team is Shaping it
Frau Maike Rubin Zoom-Videokonferenz 10:30 Uhr Workplace characteristics and employees’ well-being