School's Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, October 29, 2022, at 17:00 hours

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In 2022 the School of Business and Economics will again be cordially inviting all of its graduates of the past year to attend the Graduation Ceremony in the Aula of the RWTH Main Building.

All students who have passed their final examination since the last Graduation Ceremony in 2019, i.e. November 9, 2019, and who are classified as graduates by RWTH Central Examination Office (ZPA) are entitled to attend the 2022 ceremony. They will receive a personal invitation, which will be sent to the E-mail address that is registered with the ZPA.

We look forward to welcoming as many of our graduates as possible, so please do try to attend this impressive event!

Registration for the Graduation Ceremony and the submission of your personal profile data will take place via an online portal. Please note that you must have registered via this portal by 1 week prior to the Graduation Ceremony at the very latest. Any later registrations may be accepted only if the School of Business and Economics is contacted by telephone.

At the beginning of August 2022 we will send out E-mails to all respective graduates. Each letter will contain an access code for MENTORAS - our online registration portal. At graduates will find an online mask for registering for the Ceremony.

You can take a look at some photos taken at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony here .


Graduation Ceremony: FAQ

When is the next graduation ceremony?

The next graduation ceremony will be held on October 29, 2022.

Who is invited to the ceremony?

All those graduates will be invited whose graduation certificate has been completed and signed by the Dean and the Dean of Studies prior to the ceremony, so that these graduates will still have sufficient time to organize their attendance at the ceremony. Those graduates who have already been informed about the ceremony can - if they wish - receive an invitation up to two days prior to the ceremony, providing of course that their certificate has been duly signed. They should contact the Dean's Office. All those graduates who do not wish to be invited at short notice will naturally receive an invitation to the following year's ceremony.

What should I wear?

There is no official dresscode and anybody attending the ceremony can of course wear whatever they choose. However, as the ceremony is a formal event, men tend to wear a suit and women tend to wear a skirt suit or trouser suit, or sometimes a  cocktail dress, but not full-length evening gowns.

What is the time schedule?

Graduates and their guests are requested to be present in the aula of the University's Main Building by 16.30 hours, so that the ceremony can begin on time at 17.00 hours. The orchestra of the University will be playing, an introductory speech will be held, and a graduate will also make a speech. Then, all graduates will be individually called to the stage, where they will be symbolically presented with a copy of their certificate.

The official part of the ceremony is over by about 19.00 hours, depending of course on the length of the various speeches, pieces of music, and the number of graduates being awarded their certificates.

Please note: For organizational reasons,during the actual ceremony graduates will be sitting separately from their family members and other guests!

Why are the graduates seated separately from their families and other guests?

For organizational reasons, our graduates are not seated next to their family members and other guests. Each graduate will have a designated seat (reserved via name cards!). These seating arrangements ensure that each graduate can conveniently make her or his way onto the stage with as little disruption as possible as soon as their names are announced. All family members and other guests are free to choose from the other, non-designated seats.

Please note that owing to reasons of space, each graduate is allowed to bring three guests at the most.

Will there be any food?

Following the ceremony, sparkling wine and canapés will be served to all.

Will photos be taken?

This year there will be an official photo-point, where a photographer will take photos of the graduates with their family and friends.

How can I obtain the photos?

After the Graduation Ceremony, photos will be sent via mail.

How much does it cost to attend the ceremony?

As in previous years, the Association of Friends and Supporters of the School of Business and Economics kindly provides financial support for the Graduation Ceremony. The graduates and their families and other guests are not required to make any financial contribution to the event. However, please note that owing to reasons of space, each graduate is allowed to bring three guests at the most.



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