Interdisciplinary Research Project Supported by Federal Ministry of Education and Research


Information Systems and the History of Pharmacy

"Looking back to look forward" - a phrase which sums up the idea behind the recently started interdisciplinary research project ArIS „Durch das Artefakt zur infra structura – Das Arzneimittelrezept als Zugang zur Gestaltung gesellschaftlicher Infrastruktur“, which takes the artifact "medical prescription" as an opening to the shaping of societal infrastructure. Dr. Meral Avci (Business and Information Systems, RWTH Aachen University) together with Dr. Schellhammer (Department of Information Systems, WWU Münster), Prof. Dr. Christoph Friedrich (Institute of the History of Pharmacy at the Philipps-Universität Marburg), and Dr. Elisabeth Huwer (German Pharmacy Museum in Heidelberg Castle) will be researching the origins and development of the medical prescription in order to gain insights into the information structure of our modern health-care sector. In the course of the project, one of the largest digital collections of medical prescriptions ranging from the Early Modern period to the Modern age will be created in the German-speaking countries. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research will be providing financial support in the region of 1 million Euros over the next four years.