Project "Predictive Model of Industrial Employability"


The Chair of Management Accounting has received notification from the DFG that funding will be made available over the next 3 years for the intended project "Predictive Model of Industrial Employability". The project will be implemented jointly with the Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management (Prof. Dr. Robert Schmitt).

The overarching objective is the development and testing of a Predictive Model of Industrial Employability (PMIE) that enables organisations to deduce organizational development (OD) interventions on the individual and organisational level. The proposed research project contributes to this objective by developing such a general model and by applying it to a representative sample of companies from the automotive and machine tool industries. If the model proves to be useful in these industries, the generalizability should be examined in further industries. This scientific approach is based on the idea of providing a practical theory and concrete artefacts to address technological and demographic challenges. It is meant to support organizations in facing the challenges that result from the on-going technological and demographic changes. These challenges include a general decrease in the size of the workforce of working age (16-67), an increase in workforce diversity, and the changing demands for competencies required of the workforce. Beyond already existing approaches, the PMIE is not limited to conceptual development. Instead, its assumptions are empirically tested to validate the model and to quantify the initially qualitative model.