Publication Successes at Deutsche Post Chair


An article co-authored by Prof. Michael Schneider and Maximilian Löffler entitled “Large composite neighborhoods for the capacitated location-routing problem” has been accepted for publication by the Transportation Science journal (VHB: A, HB: 0.7)

An article entitled "An exact algorithm for the green vehicle-routing problem”, which was written by Juho Andelmin and Dr. Enrico Bartolini, has also been accepted by the Transportation Science journal.

Designing granular solution methods for routing problems with time windows” is the title of an article co-authored by Prof. Michael Schneider, Fabian Schwahn, and Prof. Daniele Vigo. It has been accepted for publication by the European Journal of Operational Research (VHB: A, HB: 0.7).a

Dr. Enrico Bartolini, Prof. Mauro Dell'Amico, and Prof. Manuel lori have had their article "Scheduling cleaning activities on trains by minimizing idle times” accepted by the Journal of Scheduling (VHB: A, HB: 0.5).

The article "Solving the battery swap station location-routing problem with capacitated electric vehicles using an AVNS algorithm for vehicle-routing problems with intermediate stops”, co-authored by Julian Hof, Prof. Michael Schneider, and Dominik Goeke, appeared in the March issue of J ournal Transportation Research Part B Methodological (VHB: B, HB: 0.5).

A survey of the standard location-routing problem", compiled by Prof. Michael Schneider and Prof. Michael Drexl is due to appear in the Annals of Operations Research (VHB: B, HB: 0.4).