Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group (WIN): Publication in the Journal “Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice”


Crowdfunding is "conquering" theory and practice as a new financing source for startups and innovative projects. However, research thus far has mainly focused on the analysis of success factors for initial crowdfunding campaigns. The article “The Influence of Internal Social Capital on Serial Creators’ Success in Crowdfunding”, published in the FT50 journal "Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice" in March 2017, therefore investigates success factors of serial financing on crowdfunding platforms.

The authors, Vitaly Skirnevskiy, Dr. David Bendig, and Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group (WIN) of the TIME Research Area, explore which role internal social capital plays for serial projects. The study emphasizes that building up loyal followership across multiple campaigns provides a long-term competitive advantage regarding serial project success.

The article can be read here.