Open Innovation Contribution


Prof. Frank Piller is one of 20 world leading scientists in the domain of Open Innovation who have now published a critical review and research agenda in a unique collaborative process.

The contribution has appeared in the renown journal "Industry and Innovation" and is entitled "The open innovation research landscape: established perspectives and emerging themes across different levels of analysis".

Taken from the Abstract:
The paper provides an overview of the main perspectives and themes emerging in research on open innovation (OI). The paper is the result of a collaborative process among several OI scholars – having a common basis in the recurrent Professional Development Workshop on ‘Researching Open Innovation’ at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. In this paper, the authors present opportunities for future research on OI, organised at different levels of analysis. They discuss some of the contingencies at these different levels, and argue that future research needs to study OI – originally an organisational-level phenomenon – across multiple levels of analysis. An integrative framework allows comparing, contrasting and integrating various perspectives at different levels of analysis. The paper also proposes some new research categories as well as questions for future research – particularly those that span across research domains that have so far developed in isolation.

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