Prof. Piller and Dr. Lüttgens Have Article Published in JPIM


Everyone's talking about the "social media". But until now, research has primarily focused on communication and marketing. In their new article "Mapping the Impact of Social Media for Innovation: The Role of Social Media in Explaining Innovation Performance in the PDMA Comparative Performance Assessment Study" - which has recently been published by the A-ranked JPIM: Journal of Product Innovation Management - RWTH researchers Prof. Frank Piller and Dr. Dirk Lüttgens - both from the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management - together with colleague Prof. Deborah Roberts from the University of Nottingham focus on the role that the social media play for the innovation process. Their findings show that innovation performance can be enhanced by utilizing the social media but that precisely coordinated measures are required if this is to happen.

For more details about the article, see here.