Chair of Marketing Has Two Articles Published in Two Prestigious Marketing Journals


In recent months, the Chair of Marketing has had two articles accepted for publication by two prestigious journals. The article

Landwehr, J., Wentzel, D. und Herrmann, A. (2013), "Product Design for the Long Run: Consumer Responses to Typical and Atypical Car Designs at Different Stages of Exposure ", Journal of Marketing , 77 (September), 92-107.

has already been published in September 2013 in the Journal of Marketing. The second article,

Wentzel. D.; Tomczak, T. und Henkel, S. (2014), "Can Friends Also Become Customers? The Impact of Employee Referral Programs on Referral Likelihood",

has been accepted for publication - presumably in 2014 - in the Journal of Service Research.