Friedrich-Wilhelm-Preis 2019


Three award winners from the School of Business and Economics

We are pleased to announce that three papers from the School of Business and Economics are awarded with the Friedrich-Wilhelm Award this year. Every year, RWTH Aachen University presents the Friedrich-Wilhelm Award to students, doctoral degree holders and post-doctoral Habilitation degree holders at RWTH Aachen University in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements. The following papers were awarded:

The award is donated by the foundation of the same name, which was established in 1865 by the legal predecessors of today's insurance company, the Aachener and Münchener Beteiligungsgesellschaft. The award is intended to support research and teaching at RWTH Aachen University and also to support individual students and young scientists. The name of the foundation dates back to the Prussian Crown Prince, who later became Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm III. In 1858, he was presented by the Aachener and Münchener Feuerversicherungsgesellschaft with a donation of 5,000 German Talers in order to found a polytechnical institute in the Rhine Province. This donation formed the basis of the Friedrich-Wilhelm Foundation, which was subsequently established, and which itself formed the basis of today's RWTH Aachen University.