Income Analysis for Managers in the German Chemical Industry

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The Chair of Human Resource Management and Personnel Economics, which is headed by Professor Christian Grund is currently involved in a survey on income. Together with the VAA Association of Employed Academics and Executives in the Chemical Industry and the GDCh German Chemical Society, the Chair is conducting the survey among mangers and executives in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. The survey is a representative repeat survey of one which has been implemented since 2008 and which involves more than 5,000 respondents every year. The data obtained via the survey provide information about employment, level of education, and career development of the respondents as well as details of income development, contractual content, and further variable components in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Because the same people are contacted every year, this enables industry-specific income developments to be precisely tracked.

In a recent publication, Professor Christian Grund and Benedikt Gerst, Chair of Human Resource Management and Personnel Economics, provide evidence for lower income after previous breaks in employment. This is particularly the case following periods of unemployment and for bonus payments rather than fixed remuneration components. Currently, the assumption is being followed up as to how gender-specific threshold values impact remuneration and career following periods of parental leave.