"Kinderuni" Lectures for School Children at RWTH Aachen University


When David Antons rides around one of the C.A.R.L's lecture halls on a hobby horse, it's all to do with the digital world! More precisely, it has to do with the present economy transforming into a digital economy. "What do Facebook, Google, game consoles, Ebay and a Nobel prize winner for economics have in common?" was the question posed at yesterday's "Kinderuni" lecture - which was the first one in the second half-year.

In the Kinderuni lecture at RWTH Aachen University, David Antons (Chair of Innovation, Strategy, and Organization) and Dirk Lüttgens (Chair of Technology and Innnovation Management), both from the TIME Research Area, were explaining digitization to the children attending the lecture. These school children, who are growing up in the Digital Age, learned how the trading of goods was implemented in earlier times. The children already had a good idea about how companies operate nowadays, e.g. that companies profit from advertising and from using our personal data. The risks of digitization were also discussed with the children, who evidently enjoyed themselves.

The next Kinderuni lecture will take place on Friday, October 12 and will be looking at satellite-based positioning and navigating.