Publication of the Chair of Management Accounting on the Dieselgate


The Dieselgate cost Germany around 20 billion euros - this is the result of a new study by Professor Peter Letmathe and Frank Baumgärtner from the Chair of Management Accounting: External costs of the Dieselgate - Peccadillo or substantial consequences?

By manipulating the diesel engines, the car industry itself is to be blamed for the decline of the diesel, despite accusations against politicians or environmentalists. Because it was only through the exhaust gas fraud that the engine, which is beneficial in itself, became an environmental sin and thus a cost factor for the whole of society.

Frank Baumgärtner and Prof. Letmathe analyzed the data of 49 vehicle models and calculated the economic costs of the excessive exhaust emission values: The increased air pollution from 2008 to 2015 caused social costs of 2.5 billion euros annually.

The fact that the limit value for exhaust gases was exceeded six times in some cases led to permanent damage to the reputation of diesel. Nevertheless, it is still possible - as Baumgärtner and Prof. Letmathe show - to design clean diesel engines that would even cause less external costs than electric cars.

The study was also taken up by the magazine "Der Spiegel" in the current issue No. 47 and on Spiegel Online.