New Publication from the Chair of Didactics of Economics

  Book cover Copyright: Shaker

The Chair of Didactics of Economics has had a new book published: "Studien zum Praxissemester in der Lehramtsausbildung im Fach Wirtschaftswissenschaft". The textbook was edited by Professor Björn Paape, Dr. Christoph Maus, and Dr. Iwona Kiereta.

The collection contains a series of research projects that were independently conducted and evaluated by students of the School of Business and Economics. The background to the research is the practical semester in the Master's program of teacher training, in which students visit vocational college lessons and work on their research projects on didactics of economics.

The publication of these project reports is intended to provide more transparency in teacher training education. The anthology provides new insights, for example, into learning and teaching methods and success factors in business and economics teaching at vocational colleges.

For example, one research report examines the relation between methods of lesson introduction and students' motivation. The students were asked about their motivation after various lesson introductions. The results of the study show that an inductive approach to economics lesson introduction motivates students more than a deductive or informative one.

The collection contains ten research reports with important findings for teacher training education.