Prof. Almut Balleer as Expert Guest in NDR Radio Program


In light of her expertise, NDR Radio invited Professor Almut Balleer, head of the Chair of Applied Economics, was invited to take part in their radio program "Redezeit" on the topic of "Milliarden gegen die Krise" (Billions Spent on Combatting the Crisis).

During the program, expert studio guests put forward their arguments and elucidated on the relevant background information and inter-relationships. Radio listeners were also able to participate in the discussion. The program, which was broadcast on September 3 and addressed the topic of "billions spent on combatting the crisis", included questions such as whether the financial aid measures for firms and employees are targeting effectively, whether the financial aid is being provided in the correct "dosage", to what extent the public debt might increase further, and which generation will ultimately have to pay off this debt.

Prof. Balleer came to the conclusion that it was correct of the German government to have responded quickly and generously in order to tackle the crisis. Since a part of the public debt is being spent on investments, future generations will profit from these in the sense of generational justice.

Other guests were Dr. Jens Boysen-Hogrefe, economics expert from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, and Kai Teute, deputy federal chairperson of the association "die jungen Unternehmer" (young entrepreneurs).

The entire program is available as a podcast here.