Results of the Corona survey


In the context of the special circumstances caused by the Corona crisis, the School of Business and Economics is making every effort to offer students digital teaching at a high level. The goal is digital teaching without any loss of quality.

In order to be able to better assess the effectiveness of the measures taken and, if necessary, to adapt them, students of the School of Business and Economics were asked about the influence of the pandemic on their personal situation, self-organization, the offer of digital teaching and crisis management.

The period of the survey ran from 13 to 24 May 2020, during which 475 of approximately 6000 students of the Faculty participated.

On a scale of 1 to 7 (1=very negative, 4=neutral, 7=very positive), the majority of students rated the impact of the pandemic on their own situation as neutral to slightly negative (mean value: 3.72). One of the difficulties was the lack of internship places. The unfamiliar situation forces the students to work on the material from home and independently, but the students emphasize that it is mainly the lack of routine that causes difficulties:

"Since the current situation forces us to stay at home as much as possible, the daily routine is completely lost and I find it difficult to develop an effective routine to work on the material at university. However, the university offers us many possibilities and helps us to master the situation as good as possible!"

On the other hand, the results showed that the ability of the students to organize themselves improved slightly (mean value: 4.61). A student writes:

"No problems with distraction, motivation, feedback, since the previous studies were also characterized by self-organized self-study. There are also plenty of opportunities to discuss things or obtain feedback, especially online, mostly through forums, e-mails or online consultation hours.”

Others, however, complain about the lack of reliability, that learning materials can be found in the learning room on time or the lack of exchange with fellow students.

In the evaluation of the faculty and the university, both scored remarkably well. The provision of information by the RWTH and the faculty, the appropriateness of the measures and the general quality of the digital course offerings were each rated as good or adequate.

  Faculty and University Evaluation Diagram Copyright: RWTH Faculty and University Evaluation Diagram  

In the survey, the students were asked to rate three courses of their choice. The comments in the free text fields were mostly positive to very positive. Among the courses mentioned, Advanced Planning Systems in Production and Logistics, Operational Financing and Company Valuation were rated best: The mean value was over 6.5 (7=very satisfied).

For future improvements, the students would like to see the possibility of recording online-lectures, better headsets to improve the sound quality and support in self-organization through "To Do" lists provided by the chairs.




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