RWTH Team Wins Regional Finals of Accenture Campus Challenge "Smart Cities"

  The Winning Team and Their Supervisors Team: Norman Müller, Matthias Dechent, Jörn Dressler, Malte Strunk, Nikolai Konikov; Betreuer: Mehmet Sahin (Accenture GmbH); Dr. Meral Avci (Research Group Electronic Business)

The team from the School's Research Group Electronic Business (Master students Matthias Dechent, Jörn Dressler, Nikolai Konikov, Norman Müller, and Malte Strunk) were the winners in the regional finals of the Accenture Campus Challenge project module "Smart Cities". With their concept for "CityProjects. Das Portal zu Projekten in Deiner Stadt" (a portal for projects in a person's home town), they were able to win out over their co-competitors, FH Aachen and Leipzig University, in the finals that were held in Kronberg im Taunus on June 19 of this year. The 5 Master students have developed an app prototype which enables people who live in a town to get actively involved in creating and implementing the projects of their municipal authorities.