Master Thesis from the Chair of Business Administration and Finance Attracts Attention


Analytical view of the "Alemannia Aachen" brand

Marco Heidemann in front of the Tivoli Copyright: © Andreas Steindl

Professor Wolfgang Breuer and Eric Sachsenhausen from the Chair of Business Administration and Finance recently supervised a master's thesis dealing with the brand analysis of the Alemannia Aachen football club.

Master student Marco Heidemann developed the scientific apparatus for the analysis, which was then transferred to the football club. The catalogue of questions in his survey contained factual and emotional questioning and, with over 2800 participants, provided representative and scientific relying results. Marco Heidemann collected, analyzed and interpreted the results according to a scientific key: "These are mirrored in the country's football primacy, whose values are set at 100 percent. The local results will be proportioned and corresponding strategies for action developed.

In the end, the master's thesis was a complete success for Marco Heidemann: it was awarded a 1.0 grade and was also nominated for the Ernst-Blicke-Study Prize. Further, it provided important insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the "Alemannia Aachen" brand for the football club, which was interested in working with Marco Heidemann from the very beginning.

In the overall analysis of the market value, Heidemann concluded that the Alemannia brand currently has a total value of 2.7 million Euros in the fourth division. If it were to be promoted to the second division, it would even be worth 10 million euros.