New Concept for the Utilization of the School's Computing, Study, and Teaching Space (C.Le.Ver) UPDATE


Dear Students,

In future, teaching activities will be given priority in the C.Le.Ver facilities. The reason for this change is, on the one hand, the high costs involved in maintaining the facilities compared to the very low demand for individual use of the study and computing space; on the other hand, there is an increased demand for teaching space. As a study space, C.Le.Ver's capacity utilization was only 20% in the examination period, and 10% at other times, and this is why C.Le.Ver will, in the future (starting August 4), be available for individual use only in a short time slot of two hours daily (Monday thru Friday) from 6pm to 8 pm. Should individual pc work by a student be necessary in certain classes, the teaching staff can organize an additional time slot.

The School's student representative body ("Fachschaft") supports the School's decision fully. A decisive aspect in this matter was the question of how limited resources (both the capacity of C.Le.Ver and the available financial means) could be optimally utilized for supporting teaching and learning processes in the School. The supervising of C.Le.Ver during the individual use time slot will be financed by the QVM program budget.

Our students were also involved in the decision making process on the basis of regular usage-data collection.

Thank you for your understanding.

With kind regards

The School of Business and Economics