Doctoral Defenses


Dates for Doctoral Defenses

Date Name Location Time Title of Doctoral Thesis
Thu., November 23, 2017 Ms. V. Wojcik Sammelbau, Templergraben 64, room 606 (6th floor) 14.00 hours Performancenanalyse mittels Verallgemeinerter Data Envelopment Analysis: Vorgehensmodell und Evaluation
Fri., December 15, 2017 Mr. L. Traub Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room B201 (2nd floor) 12.30 hours

The Hidden Information in the Facets of Brand Equity: An Empirical Investigation into the Role of Brand Equity as a Leading Indicator of Abnormal Stock Returns and Idiosyncratic Risk

Mon., December 18, 2017 Ms. J.B.M. Gößwein Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, room B301 (3rd floor) 11.00 hours

Understanding Entrepreneurial Exit - An Analysis of Antecedents of Entrepreneurs' Exit Intentions, Preferred Exit Routes and Strategies

Mon., December 18, 2017 Mr. A. Minten SuperC, Templergraben 57, room 531+532 (5th floor) 12.00 hours Einsatz und Auswirkungen von Zeitarbeit - Empirische Evidenz für Deutschland
Mon., December 18, 2017 Mr. T. Deutschmann Büropark, Kackertstr. 7, rooum B301 (3rd floor) 13.30 hours

The Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Exit: Analyzing the Impact of Founder-Level Characteristics on the Last Phase of the Entrepreneurial Process

Tue., December 19, 2017 Ms. S. Dregert HKW3, Hörsaalgebäude HKW "Toaster", Wüllnerstr. 1, room 504 (5th floor) 15.00 hours Counterproductive Work Behavior in Teams and Hierarchical Relationships: Organizational and Individual Factors