What do I have to be aware of when registering for an examination?



When do I have to register for an examination?

The procedure for registering for an examination depends on which program of study you are doing and which modules.

The exact deadlines for examination registration are always provided at the beginning of the semester on the website of the Central Examination Office (ZPA) as well as in the examination handouts provided by the School of Business and Economics -  Prüfungshandout der WiWi-Fakultät . Here, too,  there might be different deadlines for individual modules. You will find the special deadlines for examination registration under Deadlines

Person to contact if you have questions about examination procedures: Examination Coordinator at the School of Business and Economics


There does not appear to be a registration procedure

If you cannot find the modular registration procedure for an examination, there might be several reasons. Please note that

  • The semester must be set in Campus-Office as the semester in which you wish to register for the examination etc.
  • You can only access the modular registration procedure via the "Prüfungsordnung" (Regulations for Examinations) and not via "Studiengänge" (Programs of Study).

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering via the modular registration procedure.

Person to contact with queries: Examination Coordinator of the School of Business and economics

What happens if I have missed the deadline for registration?

As a rule, it is not possible to register for an examination after the respective deadline has expired! If you have missed the deadline, you must directly contact the Examination Board. Belated registration can only be authorized by the Examination Board. An application for belated registration has to be submitted as soon as possible and must be accompanied by details of the reasons behind the delay and documentary evidence of these reasons!

Person to contact: the relevant Academic Advisor


Up to when can I deregister from an examination?

Depending on which Regulations for Examinations are applicable for you, you can deregister from an examination up to seven days before the examination date by informing the Central Examination Office (V)ZPA of your wish to do so.

For modules which have a special didactic form (as in Bachelor Business Administration, Master Business Administration and Master Management, Business and Economics), depending on the Regulations for Examinations which are applicable for you, you can deregister from an examination once up to 14 days before the examination date. In these cases, you have to inform the lecturer (a deregistration form is available from the respective Chair).


Can I take the second examination if I have deregistered from the examination during the "orientation phase" (via the modular registration process)

No, this is not possible.

Deregistering from an examination via the modular registration process is possible up to the last Friday of May or of November. The end of the deregistration period is equivalent to the end of the "orientation phase". Any deregistration up to this time has no consequences. No automatic registration for the second examination date takes place!

Deregistering from an examination and lecture etc. in a core elective module ("Wahlpflichtmodul") within the "orientation phase" is equivalent to a deregistration from the complete module and means that the student is under no obligation to sucessfully complete this module.

When can I view my examination registration in Campus-Office under "angemeldete Prüfungen"?

Generally, mid/end June for the summer semester

and mid/end December for the winter semester.

What happens if I have to miss an examination because I am sick?

If you cannot take part in an examination due to illness, then you must inform the Central Examination Office (ZPA) immediately and at the latest by the day on which the examination is due to take place. A sick certificate signed by a medical practitioner must be submitted to the Central Examination Office by 3 working days at the latest following the date of the examination.

If you fall sick during the actual examination,  a sick certificate signed by the University's own medical practitioner (der Hochschularzt) will be needed.


How do I register for a supplementary oral examination?

Generally, on the date when the marked examination papers are open to viewing by exam candidates, the date for any supplementary oral examination will be arranged with the respective Chair. This date will lie within the 4 weeks following the date of the marked examination paper viewing.