Published Doctoral Theses

  Published Doctoral Theses RWTH Aachen  


Date Name of Doctoral Candidate Title of the Doctoral Thesis
14.02.2018 Schmidt, Sebastian Decision-making of Angel Investors: An Empirical Analysis of the Value Proposition in the Post-Investment Phase and the Role of their Intellectual Capital
06.02.2018 Dregert, Swetlana Counterproductive Work Behavior in Teams and Hierarchical Relationships: Organizational and Individual Factors
24.01.2018 Myskovszky von Myrow, Theresa-Marie Dorothea Teamwork during Innovation Projects: The Effects of Diversity, Participation, and the Organizational Context
12.01.2018 Braun, Andreas Stabile Abholnetzwerke für Paketdienstleister bei schwankenden Sendungsmengen unter Nutzung des Risk Pooling Effekts und Berücksichtigung zeitlicher Restriktionen