Published Doctoral Theses

  Published Doctoral Theses Copyright: RWTH Aachen  


Date Name of Doctoral Candidate Title of the Doctoral Thesis
24.06.2019 Ahmad, Nael How can corporates boost their innovative performance by new venture acquisitions? The role of pre-acquisition relationships, strategic and organizational similarity, and new ventures' innovation capabilities
17.06.2019 Suares, Maria Cost and Behavioral Drivers of the Market Penetration of Battery Electric Vehicles
17.06.2019 Heesen, Florian An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Heat Energy Consumption in Energy-Efficient Homes: Essays on Economic, Technical and Behavioral Aspects
07.06.2019 Van Laack, Melania Antecedents and Consequences of Interaction Orientation - A longitudinal study in large corporations -
05.06.2019 Herzberg, Julika Essays on Environmental and Resource Economics: Evaluation of Voluntary and Mandatory Policies
04.06.2019 Mauerhoefer, Timo Information technology capabilities in new product development: A comprehensive analysis of antecedents and outcomes
29.05.2019 Czerny, Albert EU ETS and Its Effects on European Carbon-Intensive Companies
23.05.2019 Heese, Martin Andreas Digital Financing for Innovative Startups: The Role of Trust in Equity Crowdfunding
20.05.2019 Freitag, Philipp Maximilian Digital Disruption: Conceptualization, Strategy, and Transformation
06.05.2019 Greven, Andrea Sarah Scientists’ Academic Engagement: An Individual-level Perspective of Antecedents and Outcomes
30.04.2019 Kaminski, Jermain Christopher Essays on Crowdfunding and Innovation
18.04.2019 Burmeister, Jan Christian Hauke Essays on Business Model Innovation and Open Value Creation
08.04.2019 Schellong, Daniel Andreas Exploring Online Consumer Shopping Type Behavior Using Big Data Clickstream Information
18.03.2019 Morava, Nuri Tahsin

Antecedents, Drivers, and Implications of Corporate Proactive Environmental Strategy - An Empirical Investigation

06.03.2019 Gebhard, Philipp Toward a Better Understanding of Entrepreneurial Exit Success - Fundaments and the Impact of External Stakeholder Relationships
01.02.2019 Sprinkmeyer, Christian The Top Management Team as a Source of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Large Firms
25.01.2019 Erken, Marcus Lothar Dieter

Happy Entrepreneurs: Empirical Evidence on the Beneficial Outcomes of Dispositional Positive Affect

24.01.2019 Benade, Morgane Sophie Essays on Smart Customization: Towards a Better Understanding of the Customer's Perspective on Smart Customization Offers
14.01.2019 Picot, Moritz Alexander

Innovation-Performance Dependencies in the Supply Chain: A Perspective on Innovation, Financial Performance, and Supply-Chain Efficiency